Quotes by Braimoh Bello

1. What you do not know, you will not admire, and what you do not admire you will not desire. What you do not desire, you will not acquire
2. Deciding not to decide is not the same thing as indecision.
3. Success does not come to you, you go to it
4. For a man with a vision, another man’s invitation (vision) is a distraction. But for a man with no vision, another man’s distraction is a vision!
5. Success doesn’t come to those who desire it but to those who deserve it.
6. Intelligence is a talent harnessed by hard work.
7. Do what is necessary to say ‘no’ to what is unnecessary.
8. It is not how you start that matters but how you finish. Finishing well portrays improving potentials and commitment to growth
9. Academic excellence is not a race to be won but a height to be attained.
10. If you want to achieve success in any sphere of life, you will need to find a mentor in that sphere.
11. The best encouragement you can give to your mentor is your enthusiasm and success in your studies.
12. Most of the effort needed for academic success is in attending classes and making sure that you understand lectures.
13. Be a capitalist student
14. Asking questions is the quickest route from ignorance to knowledge
15. Life is measured in time and all that you’ll ever achieve is tied to time.
16. Time is a perishable gift; once wasted, it cannot be redeemed
17. Do not do tomorrow what you can do today
18. The primary reason for examinations is to promote students to the next level.
19. Why should you leave your success to chance?

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