3-Sevens Workshop

The 3-Sevens (7 hours, 7 principles, 7 distinctions) Workshop is Beyond Tomorrow’s signature workshop. The workshop motivates students to achieve academic excellence and provide them with the necessary life skills and academic excellence principles for doing so. At the workshop, we dispel mediocrity and inspire students to aim for distinctions. Students who attend the 3-Sevens workshop learn to take responsibility for their studies and rise above many odds to achieve success. The immediate gains of the 3-Sevens workshop include soaring of confidence, motivation for success and acquisition of life skills and success principles. These translate to excellent grades and satisfaction. Also, this workshop creates and contributes to the culture of excellence and productivity in school and community. The 3-Sevens workshop is run by excellent speakers and facilitators

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Career Guidance

We provide career guidance to high school students to help them choose their path wisely. We equip them with the knowledge on what is needed and how to get in to the field of study of their choice.

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Motivational Talks

We provide motivational talks for schools, colleges, universities and at youth development conferences. We inspire and motivate students to achieve the best in academics and life in general. The content of our motivational talks and the way it is delivered has helped countless young people to invent a better future for their lives.

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Excursions/Field Trips

This is a structured activity that occurs outside lectures away from students’ normal environment to a company or organisation in their field of interest. It is an observational activity or a more sustained investigation or project. It serves as a concrete bridge toward more abstract learning levels. It is the central part of the instructional program that provides the concretisation students need to move on to higher levels of cognitive learning when they return from the field. The aim is to make sure that students understand where they want to be, how to get there, how it feels to be there and the benefits of living their dream. They get to have a feel of the real world and get an opportunity to see their careers in action by real professionals.

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We provide mentorship programmes for students. We transmit knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support to students as relevant to studies, work, career, or professional development face-to-face.

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Work Readiness Workshop

This workshop is designed for final year students to equip them with the necessary skills for the professional world ahead of them.

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Leadership Development Workshop

This workshop is designed for the school management team. It provides motivation for teachers and administrators and equips them with team building, coaching, planning, control, organising and conflict management skills. It seeks to promote improved leadership competencies and an efficient management team.

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