About Braimoh Bello

Braimoh Bello, the president of Beyond Tomorrow, is a Medical Scientist and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand. He obtained an Honours Degree and a Masters Degree in Medical Microbiology, and then Masters of Science in Medicine from the University of the Witwatersrand before proceeding to the Netherlands for a PhD.

He is a poet, an author and a public speaker who is passionate about academic excellence and inspiring people to achieving their dream and success in life. Through his talks and writings, he shares inspirations, principles and life skills that have helped him and other students go from average to excellence. The fact that Braimoh Bello fought against many odds to obtain his education with top honours inspires many young people to do the same and more. His life story is always very motivating to his audience, from high school kids to postgraduate students.

His Vocation
 Braimoh Bello is employed by the University of the Witwatersrand, where he is involved in medical research into diverse diseases and health outcomes, as an Epidemiologist. He also teaches undergraduate and postgraduate Medical Students Evidence-based Medicine and Epidemiology respectively. He has authored and co-authored scientific papers in the medical field.

His Education
Haven obtained two masters degrees in medical sciences; he proceeded to the Netherland in 2007 for PhD studies in the field of Occupational Reproductive Health with the prestigious Utrecht University. He travels to Utrecht periodically for this. His is currently completing his PhD studies. He has also attended numerous local and international training courses.

Beyond Tomorrow work
Braimoh Bello is a sought-after motivational speaker who mostly uses evening and weekends to give motivational talks in diverse schools and settings across the country. He is also a mentor to many students.


“Success doesn’t come to those who just desire it but to those who deserve it.”
– Braimoh Bello

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